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Catit Go Natural! Pea Husk Clumping Cat Litter

Experience an eco-friendly, high-performance cat litter solution with Catit Go Natural Pea Husk Clumping Cat Litter. Our litter, crafted uniquely from recycled pea husks, delivers an exceptional clumping capability for easy, dust-free litter box maintenance.

Dust-Free and Non-Tracking Cat Litter For All

Enjoy a cleaner home with our premium litter formula, meticulously designed to minimize tracking and eliminate dust. This revolutionary litter ensures that the majority of the particles stay confined within your cat’s litter box. No more paw prints around the house!

Easy Scooping, Easy Cleaning: Your New Litter Experience

Discover convenience like never before. Uniquely formulated, this litter gradually forms strong, resilient clumps that won’t stick to your cat’s litter box. The sleek litter pellets allow for effortless scooping and an overall neater experience.

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"I've had cats my entire life and this is absolutely the best cat litter I've ever used!"

✔ 99% dust-free
✔ Easy to scoop
✔ Strong-clumping
✔ No stick to the litter box

  • Embrace Natural Odor Control with Subtle Fragrance

    Explore the two enchanting varieties of natural litter. Choose from our delicate vanilla-infused litter, or immerse yourself in the calming essence of lavender, enhanced with a food-grade natural pigment.

  • Breathe Easier With Low-Dust Litter Pellets

    Pea Husk Litter guarantees a low-dust environment, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitivities. As your feline friend explores their litter box, even the smallest particles set down at the bottom, restricting the spread of airborne dust.

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