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Catit Dinner

A natural, wholesome meal enriched with healthy vitamins and minerals

Chicken Dinner Fish Dinner

PIXI Drinking Fountain

This cat fountain offers unique drinking options and triple action filtration for clean water

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Senses Circuits

Adjustable circuit ball toys, with the combination of curves, hills and straight parts, perfect for multiple cats!

PIXI Spinner

Interactive, spinning cat treat dispenser with nightlight

Available in 2 Colors!

Senses Mushroom

A unique, fast-paced feather toy that keeps your cat engaged from all angles

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Nuna Treats

Irresistible cat treats based on sustainable insect protein

PIXI Smart Mouse Camera

Allows you to monitor how your cat’s doing, and even talk and listen to them when you’re away from home

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PIXI Vision Smart Feeder

Customizable cat food dispenser with camera and 2-way audio

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Catit Fluffy Bed

Faux fur fluffy cat beds with raised rim

Available in 2 colors!

Airsift Litter Pan

Litter box that integrated Airsift odor filter system. Two litter box sizes to suit all cats big and small.

Airsift - Large Airsift - Jumbo

Catit Creamy Superfoods

Premium lickable cat treats enriched with nutritious superfoods

Vesper Treehouse

Multi-level treetop playground for adventure-loving cats

Treehouse - Small Treehouse - Medium

✨ 14 Days of Holiday Savings ✨

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