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Why Does My Cat Drink Water From The Sink?

As cat parents, we can all agree that our feline friends are mysterious creatures with habits and preferences that sometimes baffle us. One common puzzling behavior is the cat's predilection for drinking water directly from the sink or shower. 

You've likely seen your cat waiting patiently for a trickle from the faucet, or maybe even catching drops from the shower head, completely ignoring the fresh bowl of water you've provided. So, why does your cat behave this way?


Why Do Cats Like Running Water: A Throwback to the Wild

Your cat's attraction to running water can be traced back to their wild ancestors. In nature, standing water is often a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites. As a result, wild cats learned to instinctively prefer running water, which was less likely to be contaminated. This hardwired behavior has continued in modern domestic cats.

However, this doesn't mean your cat perceives the water in their bowl as contaminated. It's simply that running water catches their attention more effectively. 

The movement of running water is visually intriguing to cats, stimulating their instinct to investigate. The sound of running water also appeals to a cat’s acute hearing, acting as a sort of 'call of the wild.


Why Won’t My Cat Drink Out Of Its Bowl?

While providing fresh water in a bowl for your cat is an essential practice, many cats often refuse to drink from it. There are a few reasons for this.


Location of the Water Bowl 

Cats prefer to keep their food and water separate. In the wild, water near food sources could be contaminated. Hence, it is instinctual for cats to avoid drinking water that's close to their food.


Type of Water Bowl 

Cats have highly sensitive whiskers. Drinking from a narrow or deep bowl can cause their whiskers to brush against the sides, an uncomfortable sensation for cats known as 'whisker stress.'


Taste of the Water 

Cats have a keen sense of taste. They might refuse to drink water that has been standing for a while as it may taste stale. Similarly, some cats can detect the taste of certain types of bowls (plastic, for instance) and may refuse to drink from them.

The combination of these factors can make your cat ditch their water bowl for the seemingly fresher, more appealing option of the sink or shower.


The Solution: Catit’s Cat Water Fountains

Ensuring that our cats have access to clean, fresh water is essential for their health. Dehydration can lead to serious health issues in cats, including urinary tract diseases and kidney problems. 

While a trickle from the tap might seem fresh and appealing to your cat, tap water often contains various impurities and chemicals, such as chlorine and heavy metals, that aren't ideal for your cat's health. This is where Catit's Water Fountains outshine.


Health Benefits of Cat Water Fountains

Encourages Hydration 

The running water in Catit's fountains stimulates your cat's natural inclination to drink more. This increased water intake is beneficial to your cat’s urinary and kidney health. Regular hydration can help prevent urinary tract infections and kidney stones, which are common health issues in cats.

Improved Water Quality 

Catit's Water Fountains feature a multi-stage filtration system. The filters work to remove debris, excess food, and fur that might fall into the fountain. They also help to soften hard tap water by removing minerals such as magnesium and calcium. 

The activated carbon in the filter also removes odor and bad tastes, as well as potentially harmful chemicals like chlorine. This provides your cat with the freshest, cleanest water possible.

Consistent Freshness 

Unlike water bowls that need to be refreshed regularly, Catit's Water Fountains provide a constant source of fresh, circulating water. The continuous flow of water inhibits bacteria growth, ensuring that the water your cat drinks is clean and safe.

Plus, with replacement parts and filters at the ready, you’ll never have to worry about your cat water fountain declining in performance.


Ease of Use and Convenience

Whisker-Friendly Design 

Catit’s cat water fountains are designed with your cat's comfort in mind. They feature a wide, shallow drinking area to prevent 'whisker stress', ensuring your cat can drink without discomfort.


Various Styles and Functions

Catit offers a range of cat water fountain designs to cater to your cat's unique preferences and your home aesthetics. Whether you have one cat or multiple pets, you'll find a design that fits your needs. They are easy to clean, operate quietly, and can run continuously without needing regular refilling, making them a practical choice for busy cat parents.


By switching to Catit's Water Fountains, you're not just catering to your cat's preferences; you're also making a proactive decision to enhance their health. Visit Catit US and explore our extensive collection of cat water fountains, designed to keep your feline friend hydrated and healthy, while also satisfying their instinctual love for running water.

Remember, while providing fresh water to your cats is essential, any sudden changes in your cat's drinking habits can indicate health issues. If your cat starts drinking excessively or stops drinking altogether, it's crucial to consult with a vet.